About Our Business!

Welcome new friends! I wanted to share a bit of my story with you and what we're all about with you. 
Megan is the owner of Enchant Me. I am unique in that I am a declutter coach who help people to own less ONCE AND FOR ALL, and I am also a creative seamstress who designs and develops cute, wearable, and easy care sets of clothing and accessories for people and families who are ready to own less.
Our mission: We are an eco-conscious boutique helping families reduce their carbon footprint. 

Our vision: We strive for a world of comfort and style that still considers the impact on the environment so that we may be sustainable without harm to our world.    
I started my business because sewing is creative outlet for me. I also saw a big need for quality handmade clothes for children and families because I didn't see this in stores. I also love to help people feel as good as they look, while striving to own less and have quality clothing and accessories.
Success to me looks like community. Let me paint a picture for you:
A mother taking care of her family, while still being able to support her local community through building relationships with the safe handmade clothing and accessories we sell. 
It looks like teens having dresses altered, children playing in the backyard imaging fairies, moms drinking coffee together, tween kids hanging out and chatting with their friends. 
It looks like magical forests, children playing while wearing whimsical clothing that is safe and grown-ups aren't worrying about the little things.
It looks like piles of tulle, chiffon, cotton, and sparkles being crafted into beautiful dresses. 
It looks like a happy place, a kind community coming together where people support each other and build each other up.
It looks like a gathering spot for kids who don't want to leave because they're having so much fun. 
It looks like customer talking about how well they like the brand, telling their friends about us with a smile and expressing their love of the safety of the products, how well the products are created, and the endearing quality of them.
I'm always doing everything I can to be enjoying my day, spending time with my kids, having a tea, and hanging out."
~ Owner and creator, Megan